Chilled Water and Direct Expansion


Chilled water systems provide comfort to mainly commercial buildings and are typically cheaper to operate than Direct Expansion (DX) systems. While many buildings have DX systems in the way of large roof top units, the cost of installation is generally cheap for the DX systems because all that is required to install them is duct work and electrical service to the unit. With chilled water systems, chilled water piping must be installed throughout the building and this can be far more expensive to install over the plain old DX rooftop units which supply conditioned air to a VAV system that has electric reheat in them.

Of course, adding state of the art controls like direct digital controls can improve any system and take energy management to a whole new level of control and savings. So whether your building utilizes chilled water or DX systems it will save energy dollars by adding a state of the control system like DDC or direct digital controls to make it work as efficiently as possible. In the picture to the left, a chilled water pipe had to be relocated. The gate valve that shut the water off to that section of the loop was broken and could not be closed.


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